​Ebola fear causes stigma against West Africans in U.S.

Although only one person has died from Ebola in the U.S., fear of the virus is prompting prejudice against West Africans living here

Younger adults choosing to rent, not to own

Home ownership among adults under 45 has dropped to a 20-year low, creating a "lost generation" of renters

Virgin Galactic's space tourism rocket crashes

published less than 1 hour ago
Dan Leone of Space News explains what may have gone wrong in the crash of Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two in the Calif. desert. One pilot was killed, and a second injured.

Texas boy sets his faltering eyes on a bucket list

published less than 1 hour ago
Nine-year-old Ben Pierce wants to see the world before his sight is gone in the latest "On the Road"

Murder charge dropped in prayer group death

published less than 1 hour ago
A prosecutor had dropped charges against Micah Moore, a man who confessed to killing the wife of his prayer group leader and later recanted