NYPD twitter initiative backfires on department

When the NYPD asked citizens to tweet pictures of themselves interacting with police officers, the hope was to show the department in a positive light. Instead, the plan backfired, with many Twitter users responding with photos of officers engaging in allegedly abusive and questionable behavior.

TSA eyes new screening rules after breast milk lawsuit

The TSA is expected to update its procedures for screening breast milk in response to a high-profile lawsuit brought by a California mother. Stacey Armato says security screeners brought her to tears after she requested that they refrain from x-raying her breast milk. Bigad Shaban reports.

New law allows Ga. residents to carry guns in churches, schools, bars

Governor Deal defends move to allow guns in churches and schools under certain circumstances as an important protection of Second Amendment rights

Judge decides whether WikiLeaks leaker can be called Chelsea

published less than 1 hour ago
Soldier convicted of leaking classified documents to anti-secrecy website serving a 35-year sentence at Army prison

First lawsuit filed over deadly Calif. bus crash seeks hefty sum

published about 1 hour ago
Lawyer representing mom of 17-year-old who died in fiery wreck says teen "had her whole future before her"