Government proposes ban on popular type of ammo

The bullet in question is called the M855 green tip. Paired with an automatic weapon, it can shoot through a bulletproof vest. Hunters and sportsmen oppose the ban, saying it is their Second Amendment right to own it.

Nebraska same-sex marriage ban blocked by federal judge

Judge cites likelihood of Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex couples as part of reason for ending Nebraska ban

Forbes billionaire rankings has some fresh and familiar faces

Annual list adds some tech billionaire newcomers and shows the world's richest person got even richer

Escaped inmate found hiding in backyard Jacuzzi in L.A.

Police say 23-year-old "decided he no longer wanted to be incarcerated with us and took off over the west wall"

3 girls dead after carbon monoxide leak at grandma's house

8-year-old remains in critical condition after being exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide from furnace in Ohio home