The Apprentice 2014: episode 11 live blog – as it happens

published about 1 hour ago
It’s scary interview time for the final five when all those embellishments on their CVs will be ruthlessly exposed as utter lies by Claude and his rottweiler mates 9.55pm GMT Bianca did that brilliant nodding thing where she stops speaking but keeps bobbing her head because momentum means she can’t stop.Who is going to get the finger? 9.54pm GMT Bianca says her proposition might be riskier than the other two. Catnip to Sugar, surely. Risky, you say? His moustache is ... more

Deficit mania and balanced budgets are a political fraud

published about 2 hours ago
George Osborne’s cuts-without-end plan has backfired, but the political class is in thrall to economic nonsenseIn Westminster and medialand George Osborne has a reputation as a master political strategist. He might have missed all his economic targets and been booed out of the London Paralympics. But this was the man, it was always said, who would set the traps to sink Labour and deliver a last-minute election turnaround in 2015.After his autumn statement backfired so spectacularly this month, how can ... more

Cuba has always been a fantasy. Can it ever be something close to normal?

published about 2 hours ago
US foreign policy may no longer be frozen in time, but on both shores of this failed experiment, the healing has just begunPlus: Complete coverage of the Cuba dealMany years ago, I stumbled across an old book of photographs titled Havana 1933, by Walker Evans. The images were a revelation to me, a stark contrast to the sanitized tales of pre-revolutionary Cuba I’d heard from my parents. In their Cuba, there was no poverty, or repression, no fear, no racism. ... more

Jimmy Mubenga: Judge refused to allow jury to hear about guards' racist texts

published about 2 hours ago
Abusive and racist texts on phones of G4S security guards cleared of manslaughter of Angolan man not seen as relevant to caseAn Old Bailey judge refused to allow a jury to hear about dozens of “grossly offensive and undoubtedly racist” text messages on the phones of two of the G4S security guards acquitted of killing Jimmy Mubenga because they did not have “any real relevance” to the trial.One of the three defendants, Terrence Hughes, had 76 racist texts on his ... more