Fiona Woolf resigns as chairman of governments child abuse inquiry

published less than 1 hour ago
Lord mayor of London steps down over concerns about her links to Westminster establishmentFiona Woolf has resigned as the chairman of the governments child abuse inquiry over concerns about her links to the Westminster establishment.In a severe embarrassment for the government, the lord mayor of London stepped down after representatives of victims group said they had unanimously lost confidence in the process. Continue reading...

Two bodies found in Stafford fireworks warehouse following blaze

published less than 1 hour ago
Police release 53-year-old who had been held in connection with incident as joint investigation is launched to find cause of initial explosionThe bodies of two people have been found in the remains of a fireworks warehouse in Stafford after it caught fire on Thursday.Staffordshire police said the remains were discovered almost 24 hours after an explosion at the Baswich Industrial Estate in Stafford, sparking a huge fire which tore through an industrial unit at 5.15pm on Thursday. Continue reading...

The Fiona Woolf row shows child abuse survivors are still not being heard

published about 1 hour ago
As the child abuse inquiry continues to founder, one wonders what the establishment is more interested in: covering its back, or the truthHalloween could hardly have been more haunting for David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May. A meeting they called with representatives of child abuse victims resulted in unanimous condemnation of the appointment of Fiona Woolf to head the governments child abuse inquiry. The survivors representatives declared that Woolfs appointment left the inquiry dead in the water. And we ... more

A message for politicians: trust us, and maybe well trust you too

published about 1 hour ago
Democracy in the UK is in crisis, with turnouts so low the vote is becoming a meaningless right and trust is at the heart of itOur political landscape is undergoing seismic shifts, and two factors stand out.First, the three main political parties are haemorrhaging support. Recent figures show less than 1% of the electorate is a member of a political party 20 years ago that would have been nearly 4%. Continue reading...

Halloween costumes that mock mental illness are a matter for the market PM

published about 2 hours ago
Downing Street responds to health minister Norman Lambs criticism of psycho and schizo joke outfits available onlineDowning Street has declined to back calls by health minister Norman Lamb for retailers to stop selling outfits that demonise mentally ill people at Halloween, saying it is a matter for consumers and companies.Lamb, the Liberal Democrat care minister, urged shops not to sell trick-or-treat and party outfits that mock psychiatric patients, after several joke outfits depicting dangerously violent mental patients in chains and ... more