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SpaceX Comes Close to Recovering Rocket

published Tue, Apr 14 2015 16:14 GMT
SpaceX Comes Close to Recovering Rocket
In a small step toward cheaper trips to space, a first stage of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket hit its landing target but did not survive intact.

Q&A: A Moon’s Moon

published Mon, Apr 13 2015 14:03 GMT
Q&A: A Moon’s Moon
Is it possible for a moon to have a naturally occurring moon of its own?

National Briefing | West: Hawaii: Work on Giant Telescope Is Paused

published Tue, Apr 07 2015 19:16 GMT
Gov. David Ige of Hawaii said the group building the telescope, one of the world’s largest, had agreed to pause construction to allow interested parties to have more discussions about the project.

Out There: Earth, the Marvelous Blue Orb

published Thu, Apr 02 2015 09:03 GMT
The International Space Station, about 250 miles away, allows a view of the planet that shows geology has become destiny.

Orbiting a Blue Marble

published Thu, Apr 02 2015 09:00 GMT
The International Space Station is as far as humans go in space these days, but it is at just the right distance to capture astonishing images of Earth.