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Study: Polar bears could feel bite of climate change by 2025

A third of the world's polar bears could be in imminent danger within 10 years, government report warns

Google sorry for mis-tagging pics of African Americans

"We're appalled and genuinely sorry that this happened," the company said in a statement

Scientist sentenced to prison for AIDS research fraud

The researcher spiked rabbit blood with human antibodies to make HIV vaccine appear more effective

Nature cam catches "chick-napping" eagle red-taloned

published less than 1 hour ago
The bird cam was supposed to show the mothering skills of ospreys; instead, it caught nature's darker side

Apple's new warranty will replace your dying battery

published less than 1 hour ago
With AppleCare+, iPhone, iPad and MacBook owners can now get a new battery when theirs falls below 80 percent capacity

Cuba’s Environmental Concerns Grow With Prospect of U.S. Presence

published about 3 hours ago
Cuba’s Environmental Concerns Grow With Prospect of U.S. Presence
Some fear development and tourism would result in the destroyed forests, polluted rivers and damaged coral reefs faced by some of Cuba’s neighbors.

California residents cut water use by hefty 29% in May, officials say

published about 4 hours ago
Residential water use in California dropped by a hefty 29% in May, according to figures released Wednesday by the State Water Resources Control Board.

Water and Power: Fight for your right

published 1 day ago
Your guide to the California drought from the Los Angeles Times. Some winemakers in Napa Valley are rejoicing over the dry conditions. When there's less ... more

Water-independent Riverside fights 28% reduction order

published 1 day ago
For decades, Riverside has worked to be what officials consider "water independent" by consolidating groundwater rights and building water treatment facilities.

Farm Waste and Animal Fats Will Help Power a United Jet

published 1 day ago
Farm Waste and Animal Fats Will Help Power a United Jet
Later this summer, United Airlines will begin using fuel generated from farm waste and oil from animal fats to help power its commercial flights.
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SpaceX Rocket Falls Apart on Way to Space Station

published 2 days ago
The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket, built by Space Exploration Technologies, was destined for the International Space Station with a load of cargo.