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Senators wary as Iran nuclear talks near end

Both Republican and Democratic members of the Senate say they want to see exactly what's in the deal, but Iran's approach has them worried

Santorum praises Trump's focus on immigration

Former Pa. senator said his fellow GOP candidate may have erred in "verbiage" on Mexican immigrants but the focus was right

Sec. Kerry: Iran nuclear talks could go either way

published less than 1 hour ago
As latest deadline fast approaches, Kerry said the U.S. is prepared to walk away if Iran is intransigent

Former CIA leader: Heightened security "the new normal"

published about 1 hour ago
There are several challenges presented by ISIS changing the way the U.S. approaches national security, Mike Morell says

Goodlatte: Obama administration shares blame in illegal immigrant allegedly killing woman

published about 1 hour ago
Virginia GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Sunday that the Obama administration shares responsibility with San Francisco authorities for the release of the illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal record who allegedly killed a woman on a city sidewalk.
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