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Though Adversaries on the Surface, U.S. and Hezbollah Share a Goal

published about 3 hours ago
In practice, Hezbollah and the United States are already working — separately — on a common goal: to stop the extremist Islamic State from moving into Lebanon.

Spurred by ISIS Violence, Nations Mull How to Press for Justice in Conflicts

published about 3 hours ago
Western governments set about devising a strategy for speeding prosecution of those responsible for grave crimes in the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Yemen’s Prime Minister Resigns Amid Chaos and Another Cease-Fire

published about 9 hours ago
Mohammed Salem Basindwa submitted his resignation to the Yemeni president as fighters from a Shiite rebel group seized official buildings in an assault on the capital that rocked the transitional government.

China and Iran to Conduct Joint Naval Exercises in the Persian Gulf

published about 10 hours ago
Two Chinese warships have docked at Iran’s principal naval port for the first time in history, Iranian admirals said, as they prepared for exercises focusing on rescues and anti-piracy operations.

U.S. Sees Other, More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS

published 1 day ago
A Syrian group led by a former member of Osama bin Laden’s inner circle is seen as more dangerous than the Islamic State for its potential to launch terror attacks.