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Op-Ed Contributor: Africa’s Slide Toward Disaster

published about 2 hours ago
A U.S.-Africa summit meeting needs to address how American policies have fostered a culture of abuse and rebellion.

Israelis and Palestinians Clash Despite Cease-Fire

published about 5 hours ago
Heavy fire was reported in the southern Gaza Strip within hours of the start of the latest humanitarian cease-fire agreement, with four Palestinians said to have been killed.

African Leaders and W.H.O. Intensify Effort to Combat Ebola Virus

published about 6 hours ago
Leaders of the affected countries and the head of the World Health Organization were to initiate a $100 million plan to combat the disease.

Tensions Escalate Between Israel and U.N.

published about 12 hours ago
Agency officials are enraged by strikes on its facilities and mounting civilian casualties in Gaza, while Israel accuses the U.N. of playing down Hamas’s role in the conflict.

School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort

published about 12 hours ago
School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort
Life for about 200,000 people packed into more than 80 schools serving as shelters in Gaza is full of deprivation and discomfort.