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British economic growth to slow, says leading forecaster

published less than 1 hour ago
British economic growth to slow, says leading forecaster
London (AFP) - The British economy will slow down sharply next year due to political uncertainty and a potential referendum on membership of the EU, a leading forecaster said on Monday.

France calls on Germany for 50 bn euros in investments

published about 8 hours ago
France calls on Germany for 50 bn euros in investments
Berlin (AFP) - Cash-strapped France on Sunday called on Europe's economic powerhouse Germany to invest 50 billion euros more by 2018 to match the amount that Paris is planning to slash from its public spending.

A Full Blown Deflationary Growth Scare is Riling Markets

published about 12 hours ago
Friday's market snap-back was triggered  by strong hints from the Federal Reserve and the Bank  of England that interest rates will not be raised until there is evidence of a stronger global economy, a very doubtful expectation today, tomorrow and the days after that.  Going forward then will depend on what comes down in this earnings season and those to come in 2015.

Political worries grow for UK, forecasters say

published about 17 hours ago
LONDON (Reuters) - Business investors are increasingly worried about political risks in Britain, including the outcome of a national election in May and a possible referendum on European Union (EU) membership, an economic forecasting firm said. In a report due to be published on Monday, EY ITEM Club predicted growth in business investment next year would slow to 5.8 percent from 9 percent in 2014. That would be barely half the rate forecast by the Bank of England (BoE) for ... more

India fuel reform puts diesel under market control

published about 19 hours ago
NEW DELHI (AP) — India has deregulated prices for diesel fuel while raising the cost of natural gas in the biggest-yet economic reform announced by new Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.