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Cargill's Black River Shutting Four Hedge Funds

published less than 1 hour ago
Cargill’s Black River Asset Management plans to shutter four of its hedge funds and return more than $1 billion to investors over the next several months.

Lehman Increases Money Recovery Estimate to $92.2 Billion

published less than 1 hour ago
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which collapsed nearly seven years ago, increased its estimate of how much money it will recover to $92.2 billion, thanks to gains in real estate, derivatives and private-equity investments.

In China Stocks, Late Jolts Are New Normal

published about 2 hours ago
Anyone trading Chinese shares shouldn’t take a long lunch. That is the lesson from the Shanghai market’s behavior in recent days, as margin calls and moves linked to government buying shake up trading.

Deutsche Bank Didn't Archive Chats Used by Some Employees Tied to Libor Probe

published about 2 hours ago
A month after reaching a $2.5 billion settlement over interest rate rigging, Deutsche Bank told regulators its disclosures may have been incomplete because it accidentally failed to archive electronic chats involving its employees.

Point72 Hires New Head of Data and Analytics

published about 3 hours ago
The $9 billion investment firm run by Steven A. Cohen continued its push into the world of big data, hiring former Bridgewater Associates co-head of research Matthew Granade as chief market intelligence officer.