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Weibo Shares Jump 19% in Trading Debut

published about 7 hours ago
China's version of Twitter, Weibo, surged as much as 44% on its first day on the Nasdaq, a reversal from the stock's lackluster pricing.

Private Equity's New Macro Challenges

published about 10 hours ago
For decades, private equity (PE) firms made money by focusing on the microeconomics of businesses and letting the macro conditions take care of themselves. While investors focused on industry dynamics and company performance, macro factors such as currency movements, monetary policy, technological changes and demographics faded into the background.

Auto airbag maker Continental named in GM recall suit

published about 11 hours ago
Plaintiffs' lawyers are seeking to draw Continental Automotive Systems US, the maker of airbag systems in recalled General Motors Co vehicles, into litigation over an ignition-switch defect that has been linked to 13 deaths. A lawsuit filed late Wednesday in federal court in California is the first to name Continental, a subsidiary of German automotive supplier Continental AG, in the growing wave of litigation over GM's recall, which has so far encompassed 2.6 million vehicles. Continental made airbag systems for ... more

When Janet Yellen Speaks The Market Hears A Dove, But That Isn't Her Message

published about 11 hours ago
At some point during Chair Yellen’s tenure people will likely begin to see the pragmatic central banker she has been. Wednesday's luncheon speech to the Economic Club of New York was a step in that direction, once everyone sifts through what they wanted to hear and reads what she said.

Virtu Indefinitely Postpones IPO

published about 11 hours ago
High-speed trading firm Virtu Financial Inc. has pulled the plug on its initial public offering plans for now.