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NOW! It's news to us at Vulture Central

published about 18 hours ago
Wearables have a tough week and RBS rapped on knuckles Vid Youtube Video…

The Genome: Loose morals ... and even looser plotlines

published about 20 hours ago
Russian sci-fi royalty's latest is a rather baffling hodge-podge Page File The Genome is the latest novel from Sergei Lukyanenko, the sci-fi and fantasy author, and now modern Russian figurehead for the genre since his Night Watch novel was made into one of the few Russian movies to cross over to Western blockbuster status.…

Abee Mp3 Duplicates Finder

published 1 day ago
Version: 3.0Platform: WindowsWhat's New: Version 3.0 may include unspecified updates.Editor's Rating: User Rating: [Read more]

BIG FAT Lies: Porky Pies about obesity

published 1 day ago
What really shortens lives? Reading this sort of crap in the papers Worstall @ the Weekend I often wonder why it is that people bother publishing “research” papers that are obviously incorrect. Is it that they're getting paid to spout bollocks?…

What We Do In The Shadows? Laugh ourselves silly, mostly

published 1 day ago
Vampire mockumentary is brilliant fish-out-of-water fun Film Review It’s hard to believe that What We Do In The Shadows has been eight years in the making, given its spot-on, bang-up-to-date parody of both the vampire obsession and found footage/fake documentary style movies.…