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Vodafone to buy 140 Phones 4u stores from stricken retailer

published about 4 hours ago
887 jobs 'preserved' in the process, says administrator PwC Vodafone has swooped on 140 Phones 4u stores just days after the retailer blamed the operator for contributing to its untimely demise when it slipped into administration late last Sunday.…

'People have forgotten just how late the first iPhone arrived ...'

published about 7 hours ago
Plus: 'Google's IDEALISM is an injudicious justification for inappropriate biz practices' QuoTW This was the week when IBM told a bunch of staffers that their skills weren’t up to scratch. To sort the problem out, Big Blue says it’s going to force them into mandatory training and make them give up ten per cent of their salaries for the privilege.…

How did Alibaba's resounding stock market debut compare?

published about 20 hours ago
How did Alibaba's resounding stock market debut compare?
Alibaba’s stock popped resoundingly during its New York Stock Exchange debut Friday, suggesting that the Chinese online shopping middleman could have raised billions of dollars more during its initial public offering.

Bono: Apple will sort out monetising music where the labels failed

published 1 day ago
Remastered so hard it would be difficult or impossible to master it again U2 singer Paul Hewson (aka Bono) has hinted that Apple is working on a new music format that will make buying music “irresistible” all over again.…

Alibaba excitement surges; share price indications rise to $80-$83

published 1 day ago
Eight Alibaba customers got to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on the company's huge stock market debut – but 40 minutes later, the exchange had yet to report Alibaba results.