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This Changes Everything? OH Naomi Klein, NO

published about 2 hours ago
It's not capitalism that's broken here, it's publishing Worstall @ the Weekend Given that I'm from the rational, classical end of liberalism, I'm obviously not going to be greatly taken by the spoutings of someone like Naomi Klein. But if an ideological difference were all it was, then I'd have left her new book, This Changes Everything alone after I'd read it.…

The Flash lives up to its name with a fast-paced pilot full of potential

published about 3 hours ago
Boring love plot can't detract from fun DC Comics' adventure TV Review PILOT PREVIEW WITH VERY, VERY MILD SPOILERS ...…

FCC: You'll have to wait even longer for faster wireless broadband

published about 14 hours ago
US spectrum auction won't happen until 2016 now The FCC today said it will delay its planned wireless broadband spectrum auction until at least 2016.…

Amazon's Fire phone flop: A watershed for investors?

published about 19 hours ago
Amazon's Fire phone flop: A watershed for investors?
Investors are losing patience with Jeff Bezos’ game. Amazon stock swooned Thursday and it’s diving deeper today after the company reported weak earnings and predicted a dismal holiday season.

Microsoft discovers long-lost phone division down back of sofa

published about 23 hours ago
Confirms it'll be chucking 'Lumia' brand into the round file Nokia phones generated $2.6bn in revenue for Microsoft as the division arrested its decline. Redmond sold 9.3m Lumia devices in the quarter, the most ever.…