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World Briefing: Man Says He Flew Drone Onto Japanese Leader’s Office Roof in Nuclear Protest

published about 4 hours ago
The discovery of the drone on Wednesday had baffled officials, especially after it was found to be carrying trace amounts of radioactive material.

Robotica Episode 1: Cheaper Robots, Fewer Workers

published about 9 hours ago
This is the first episode in a video series that examines how robots are poised to change the way we do business and conduct our daily lives.

Drone Strikes on Al Qaeda Said to Take Toll on Leadership

published about 10 hours ago
Strikes like the one that killed two American hostages have forced militant leaders to regroup and seek shelter, analysts say.

Online Matchmaking Adds a Twist to Arranged Marriages in India

published about 12 hours ago
While Indian parents still take the lead in arranging marriages, many are turning to websites to widen the pool, and are allowing their children veto power.

China, in Suspending Woman’s Death Sentence, Acknowledges Domestic Abuse

published about 13 hours ago
The ruling means that after two years of good behavior, the sentence of Li Yan, who killed her husband, will be commuted to life in prison. Later, it may be reduced further.