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China cracks down on corrupt golf

published about 2 hours ago
President Xi Jinping's sweeping crackdown on vice and corruption in China has gone after drugs, gambling, prostitution, ill-gotten wealth and overflowing banquet tables. Now, it ... more

Israel will send much-needed funds to Palestinians

published about 4 hours ago
Israel and the Palestinian Authority have reached an agreement to resolve a months-long dispute over the transfer of tax revenue Israel collects on behalf of ... more

'I wish my teacher knew': Teacher's third grade assignment goes viral online

published about 5 hours ago
A teacher who posted notes from her third grade class online and started a social media whirlwind under the hashtag #IWishMyTeacherKnew says the assignment had ... more

Battle in Bangladesh: Khaleda Zia versus PM Sheikh Hasina

published about 5 hours ago
Violence in Bangladesh can be traced to nationwide elections in January 2014, which set off a battle of wills between two women: Prime Minister Sheikh ... more

After just six months on the job, Indonesian president Joko Widodo's halo is slipping

published about 7 hours ago
"A New Hope". The Time magazine cover with the portrait of Indonesia's new president Joko Widodo in October last year said it all. Six months ... more

Arsene Wenger eyes Cup record

published about 7 hours ago
Arsenal have booked a place in the FA Cup final with a 2-1 win over Reading.

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