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Right-angle running track built in China

published about 1 hour ago
Sports officials hoping to nurture young athletics talent in north-east China have put their rising stars at something of a disadvantage - by building a ... more

Microsoft targeted in apparent Chinese antitrust probe

published about 2 hours ago
Microsoft appears to be the latest US company targeted by China for antitrust investigation as government officials paid sudden visits to the software firm's Chinese ... more

Inequality dogs China - and US - economies

published about 2 hours ago
As China’s economy first opened up to market-based reform, Deng Xiaoping famously suggested that some naturally, particularly through hard work, “should be allowed to get ... more

Three killed in Facebook blasphemy rampage in Pakistan

published about 2 hours ago
A woman and two of her young granddaughters were burned to death Sunday night in the eastern city of Gujranwala after a member of their ... more

Aussies working to identify the MH17 dead

published about 2 hours ago
There are 38 Australian forensic experts evenly split between the Netherlands and Ukraine working to identify the MH17 victims.

NSW mining 'caused Antarctic pollution'

published about 3 hours ago
Pollution from industrial activities in southern Australia contaminated Antarctica more than 20 years before explorers reached the South Pole.

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