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Texas Governor Rick Perry sells mugshot T-shirts

published about 1 hour ago
Texas Governor Rick Perry, facing abuse-of-power charges, started selling T-shirts featuring his mug shot to raise money for his political committee.

Thailand vows leniency in surrogacy cases

published about 3 hours ago
Thailand's junta has pledged leniency in the cases of babies born to surrogate mothers, as it looks to toughen rules in the lucrative but largely ... more

Researchers find biological barrier to immortality

published about 3 hours ago
Is there a limit to how old humans could one day become?

Two new Ebola cases in Nigeria

published about 3 hours ago
Two new cases of Ebola were reported in Nigeria on Friday, both in spouses of health workers who had cared for the Liberian-American who brought ... more

Hamas executes 18 as Israeli boy killed

published about 3 hours ago
Hamas has executed 18 alleged collaborators in Gaza City as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed harsh retribution for the killing of a four-year-old boy ... more

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