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Netflix to reboot Lost in Space

published Sun, Nov 22 2015 15:39 GMT
Warning, warning ... a reboot of the iconic science fiction series Lost in Space is coming to TV.

George Lucas offered story ideas for new Star Wars but was rebuffed

published Sun, Nov 22 2015 14:39 GMT
Star Wars creator George Lucas had hoped to guide the three new Star Wars movies to their conclusion but has revealed his overtures to the ... more

Australia's most memorable TV commercials of the past 50 years

published Sat, Nov 21 2015 07:15 GMT
The advertisements that affected us most tapped into the national psyche.

Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen confirms cast to reunite for new series

published Fri, Nov 20 2015 20:13 GMT
The thirty-something couples of Cold Feet are returning to the small screen to face new domestic dilemmas of growing older.

John Farnham sings the pants off AC/DC song

published Fri, Nov 20 2015 16:45 GMT
There's a happy place where John Farnham and AC/DC are equal in the eyes of God.

A festival of Doctor Who fans

published Fri, Nov 20 2015 16:43 GMT
Fans of all ages flock to the inaugural Doctor Who Festival, not just middle-aged man in bad jumpers.

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