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1D on ACA: Bound to be cringe-worthy

published about 2 hours ago
Inviting the world's biggest current pop-culture phenomenon on to Australia's most aggressively middlebrow TV institution is doomed to be cringe-inducing.

Awkward chemistry: Beauty & Geek win

published about 9 hours ago
The bond was obvious in the way they celebrated in each other's arms, prior to never seeing each other again.

Barrage of profanity, sex and drug use

published about 10 hours ago
Fat Pizza vs Housos has a fair crack at challenging The Wolf of Wall Street's record for most expletives in a movie.

Sia fights ARIA fury: 'I'm saddened'

published about 18 hours ago
Sia, who enraged her fans by not turning up to the ARIA awards, turned the anger into adoration.

Viewers desert Big Brother finale

published about 21 hours ago
Big Brother limped over the line, with a grand finale that pulled in just 737,000 viewers.

ARIAs' embarrassing oversight

published about 21 hours ago
The awards have come under withering criticism after John Butler was left to make-up for its oversight.

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