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Adam Hills' explosive rant at British politicians

published 2 days ago
Popular Australian comedian has received mostly praise after delivering a withering, expletive-laden rant about British politicians' treatment of "vulnerable children".

Special effects are ruining the movies

published 2 days ago
It's a phenomenon called The Weta Effect, and the effect is not good...

'Time is right' for Jon Stewart to go

published 2 days ago
Incoming Daily Show host Trevor Noah says Stewart is playing it smart.

New film takes on marriage equality

published 2 days ago
Katherine Heigl will play a lesbian whose decision to marry her girlfriend tears her conservative family apart.

Want a box office win? Cast a lady lead

published Thu, Jul 02 2015 05:39 GMT
Time to rethink that old-school Hollywood wisdom that female-led movies can't be box office gold.

Sydney metal band defend IS-themed music video

published Thu, Jul 02 2015 01:08 GMT
Deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder say to look deeper before judging their ultraviolent new videol.

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