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DreamWorks: The animators

published 1 day ago
It takes a special kind of film studio to turn a hideous ogre into a romantic lead or a lumbering panda into a martial arts ... more

Transcendence: Shooter changes focus

published 1 day ago
The cinematographer behind Inception takes a turn in the director's chair.

Breaking Bad: Better to go out a meteor

published 1 day ago
Writer Vince Gilligan faces the dilemma of trying to do it all again with Better Call Saul.

Chet Faker: Out in the open

published 1 day ago
Nick Murphy, aka Chet Faker, prefers it when his soul is on display.

Jeff Beck's call of the wild

published 1 day ago
British guitarist Jeff Beck found his musical home in the American sound.

Television's carnal kingdoms

published 1 day ago
They're stories of clans and tribes, but why do we watch Game of Thrones and Vikings?

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