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Kanye West turns up a Idol auditions

published 1 day ago
In between hanging out with US President Barack Obama, rapper Kanye West found time this weekend to audition for American Idol.

Hugh Jackman film Pan panned by critics

published 2 days ago
They're all out there, some pun-heavy, others just plain ruthless, but they all agree.

Davey Lloyd evicted

published Thu, Oct 08 2015 16:10 GMT
The bro code is well and truly over as the "larrikin" is sent home.

Paul Keating calls for new national identity

published Thu, Oct 08 2015 03:00 GMT
Genuine reconciliation requires a blending of "two very different cultures" to create a composite Australian identity that both black and white communities can identify with, ... more

Suffragette film screening stormed by protesters

published Wed, Oct 07 2015 19:36 GMT
Helena Bonham Carter says it was the "perfect" response to her new film.

Double date difficulties

published Wed, Oct 07 2015 06:03 GMT
"Is it awkward" could have been the catch cry of the episode.

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