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Netflix defends Sandler movie

published 1 day ago
Native American actors walk out on film, saying the script was offensive.

Russell Crowe gets bawdy, bogus on Jimmy Fallon show

published 1 day ago
Russell Crowe sang a bawdy song on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show on Thursday, big deal. What really grabbed people's attention was his accent.

Can Blur tour dates make up for BDO cancellation?

published 1 day ago
Britpop icon Blur is set to play its first full Australian tour in 18 years. Best known for Song 2 and a series of crafted, quirky English pop hits in ... more

Crowe movie faces protest deluge

published 1 day ago
As it opens in the US on the centenary of the start of the Armenian genocide, Russell Crowe's film has been accused of a 'whitewash' ... more

One Direction: The end is near

published 1 day ago
Ever since Simon Cowell said in late 2014 he wouldn't be surprised if One Direction split up there's a been a sense that the clock ... more

End of the world? John Oliver has us covered

published 2 days ago
End-of-the-world videos are usually pretty nutty. So John Oliver and Martin Sheen decided to make a good one.

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