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Why critics hated Sound of Music

published about 15 hours ago
The Sound of Music has just turned 50 and remains a much loved film. But that hasn't always been the case.

Hanks, Bieber star in Rae Jepsen video

published about 16 hours ago
The performer behind chart blockbuster Call Me Maybe is back with a second song, complete with a film clip starring the unlikely combination of Tom ... more

Eurovision 2015: Why Kylie Minogue should not be picked

published about 17 hours ago
Australia's performer at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is due to be announced on Thursday at the Sydney Opera House.

Netflix gives Australian date

published about 17 hours ago
The long-awaited local launch of TV and film streaming service Netflix has been confirmed for March 24.

Madonna to tour Australia

published about 17 hours ago
It has been almost a quarter of a century since her last performance on Australian soil - now, at the age of 56, Madonna is ... more

Tony Abbott? 'I think he's a tit'

published about 19 hours ago
It took until the very end of Q&A for the panel to get to the crux of recent national debate. Tony Abbott: Yes or No?

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