Table Talk: Yakiniku at Gyu-Kaku

published 1 day ago
Philadelphia has a branch of Japanese BBQ bar/restaurant Gyu-Kaku, at 1901 Callowhill St. (267-603-9482), in the Granary, across from stalwart Rose Tattoo Cafe, behind the ... more

Townsend a worthy refined French cuisine restaurant

published Fri, Jul 25 2014 10:50 GMT
Philly's gastropub boom was a part of this hungry city's recession reply - beer-soaked, boldly flavored and casual - to the demise of glitzy haute ... more

Table Talk: Three stories of sizzle

published Thu, Jul 24 2014 15:11 GMT
The folks from the hit Chinatown BYOB Xi'an Sizzling Woks have opened a second spot, settling in Old City at 120 Chestnut St. with the ... more

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