South Koreans Slam Down 11.2 Shots of Hard Liquor Each Week

published Tue, Feb 11 2014 00:34 GMT
According to analysis by the global marketing research firm Euromonitor International, South Koreans are the world’s biggest consumers of hard liquor, at 11.2 shots a week on average. They make the world’s second largest consumers, the Russians, seem like lightweights at a mere five shots a week. The caveat that might restore some Slavic pride? Soju, the South Korean liquor that accounts for 97 percent of the country’s sales, has an average alcohol percentage half that of vodka. Depending which set of data you’re looking at (the study is reported in both Business Insider and Quartz), there is variation over who makes it to the third, fourth and fifth spots, but Thailand and Japan are in both top-fives, with honorable mentions to the tipplers of the Philippines, Bulgaria and Poland. [BI, Quartz]

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