The Evolution Of Company Towns: From Hershey's To Facebook

published Thu, Jan 17 2013 11:01 GMT
In 1903, Milton S. Hershey broke ground in the town that would bear his name, but success was not immediate for the young candy-maker. A series of early failures left him nearly bankrupt by the time he was 30. But by the early 1900s, Hershey needed a place to develop his thriving business, settling on Derry Township in rural Pennsylvania, his birthplace, to build a new chocolate factory and a company town. ?He believed, along with the more forward-thinking industrialists of the age, that workers who were treated fairly and who lived in a comfortable, pleasant environment would be better workers,? notes The Hershey Company. The town included housing, churches, parks, public transit, a theater, community center and swimming pool.

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