Protests spread on Cumbria nuclear waste dump plan

published Thu, Jan 17 2013 02:22 GMT
As Cumbria Tourism joins the Lake District national park in warning against research in Ennerdale and Eskdale, local meetings and rallies are spreadingHere's more on the growing concern that nuclear waste burial could be considered within the borders of the Lake District national park, following Cumbria Tourism's stand against the prospect earlier this week.A meeting in Keswick saw all but three of 500 present vote against the idea of pursuing research in Ennerdale and Eskdale, one of the few areas of stable geology in West Cumbria, the home of the Sellafield nuclear complex.As well as being in the national park, the lonely valley is the subject of an experiment called Wild Ennerdale which has barred all traffic apart from a few forestry trucks and the Land Rover which services remote Black Sail youth hostel. Even the latter has been limited to the minimum possible number of journeys to sustain the ...

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